The Interclypse difference is our emphasis on employee growth and development through continuous learning, mentorship, and empowerment. Interclypse employees grow in a positive cultivating work environment with endless career opportunities. Let Interclypse empower you by putting you in the driver seat of your career. We look forward to having you join our team.

Interclypse welcomes all college students ranging from freshman through seniors. Interclypse takes an innovative approach to attract top-notch talent by putting you in control of the hiring process. We welcome and encourage your participation in our three step hiring process outlined below:

  1. First, attend 75% or more of Exerceo's free Cybersecurity, Software Development, or DevOps working groups from 7-9am on eight weekends that provide the foundational knowledge industry desires rising professionals to obtain to be successful.

    Exerceo’s Working Group
  2. Second, attend 75% or more of the Interclypse Professional Development Program which meets every Monday 6pm till 10pm (A minimum of 12 weeks is required). At the Incubator candidates gain real-world hands-on experience with one-on-one mentorship from industry professionals. The Professional Development Program is an immersive environment that employs our handcrafted unique formula for success called "Immersion." that we have been refining continuously since 2007. The Professional Development Program seeks to provide candidates an open, nurturing environment to continue honing their skills, both technical and managerial. The Immersion experience exposes candidates to a variety of challenges throughout the process. We have often been heard reminding participants: if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!
    Interclypse Professional Development Program
  3. Third, demonstrate the following skills acquired through the Professional Development Program:
    • Dual boot Linux (Fedora) on your laptop.
    • Demonstrate proficiency with Linux by completing the first ten levels of OverTheWire's Bandit:

    • Plan and communicate when you are going to be absent.
    • Arrive willing to learn, with a positive attitude and cooperative to others in the group.
    • Demonstrate proficiency with the software development processes which include using Agile tools to claim, comment, and move your tickets through completion, including testing and final deployment into production.
    • Demonstrate proficiency using configuration management by creating, rebasing, and pushing branches to the centralized revision control system repository.
    • Demonstrate basic proficiency with the "vi" editor by being able to successfully complete document changes, and the ability to save those changes.
    • Understand which system and application logs to look when you are debugging problems in code or on a server.
    • Be able to make basic website updates that include HTML, CSS and PHP.
    • Understand classes, interfaces and other object oriented constructs, while also being able to demonstrate good programming practices.
    • Be able to independently complete tasks and solve problems as judged by your Mentor.
  4. Receive a job offer from Interclypse or collaborate with Interclypse to gain employment at one of our partner organizations.

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About Interclypse

About Interclypse

The Interclypse team is on a continuous mission to have a positive transformational impact on society, community, industry, and individuals! Our team accomplishes this mission by continuously "Doing What is Right."

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