Please review the expectations! If you are able to meet these expectations, please fill out the form below to register for the Professional Development Program.

Our Expectations

Our expectations, itemized below, have been refined year-after-year to outline the most successful formula within our framework for candidates to achieve their desired goals. The candidates that can meet the required and optional expectations while working closely with their mentor will achieve success.

  • Interclypse requires participants to complete one of Exerceo's Information Technology Initiative programs prior to applying to the Professional Development Program. In special circumstances, a waiver can be requested and granted, however, we are deeply committed to the work of Exerceo and believe the foundation it can provide in terms fit and skills development weigh heavily on success of participants of Interclypse's Professional Development Program.

  • Attendance at Professional Development Program classes, workshops and events are important. It takes many resources (time and energy not the least) to make them viable to career development and the needs of our participants. We ask that candidates email as soon as they know they will not be able to attend a session so the overall and project mentors can plan accordingly. Candidates are required to maintain a 75% participation record, as our studies have indicated that this is the minimal commitment level for success. The Incubator runs every Monday to include holidays unless you explicitly receive an email canceling the event.

  • Candidates should be spending some time during the week working on their assignments either completing them, gathering questions, or performing research to prepare for the upcoming working group. From our studies we have seen that candidates who take 4-8 hours during the week to prepare show the quickest growth and achievement of their goals.

  • Communication is an integral factor to each candidate's success. The Immersion process will be rigorous while balancing personal growth with your external responsibilities. To ensure that a candidate achieves the optimal experience they must:

    • Check in with their project mentor at each working group to review their progress.
    • Use the provided tools to update the status of assigned tasks that you are working on, which helps track progress.
    • Email with any questions, updates, or problems while not at the working group to keep the chain of communication flowing.

  • Candidates should read below regarding the Cultivation process that we follow to familiarize yourself with the it:

    • Step 1 - Candidate Selection, as part of our unique process we use self-selection.
    • Step 2 - Training, these are our working groups.
    • Step 3 - Mission Qualification, candidates must apply for immersion and adhere to our expectations.
    • Step 4 - Familiarization, this is part of our unique immersion process while candidates gain hands on experience while being mentored.
    • Step 5 - Influencing, uniquely, we ask that candidates start mentoring and growing their mentorship skills while participating in the immersion process to help grow their skills.
    • Step 6 - Retention, as we help candidates achieve their goals it is our hope that after they achieve their short-term goals that they will continue to participate in the immersion process to broaden their skill sets!

  • Optionally, candidates are encouraged to participate in any of the other classroom working groups to expand their knowledge.
  • Participation in the Professional Development Program is strictly voluntary does not entitle or guarantee compensation or employment.

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About Interclypse

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