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Creating Solutions for the Nation's Toughest Challenges

Interclypse is known for delivering solutions to technology challenges across the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community, Federal & State government, and civilian sectors. Our success stems from gratifying our customers and hiring professionals committed to continuous learning and improvement through cultivation and mentorship. Since our founding in 2007, Interclypse has grown a wide-ranging repertoire of experience by bringing innovation and success to every project we touch.

Our Capabilities

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Software Engineering

Interclypse provides end to end software engineering services to turn any idea into reality. Be it a global scale systems, data automation, or custom business applications Interclypse is the one stop shop for software engineering. 

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Cyber Operations

Interclypse teams at are experts in the design, development, and maintenance of cutting-edge solutions to support federal organizations in the execution of cyber operations

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Data Science and AI/ML

In a world driven by data, management, control, and insights into that data are critical to finding the correct course of action. We help ease this journey by understanding your mission and your data to find patterns in the noise.

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Research And Development (R&D)

Some problems haven't been solved yet, Interclypse helps create that path to a solution. Whether we find new ways to solve old problems or take the path not yet traveled, Interclypse is your partner into the unknown.

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System Integration

Some solutions do not require you to re-invent the wheel, instead, you can put the wheel together with the best transmission and engine possible. Interclypse optimizes the integration process between your existing systems and new solutions. 

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IoT and Edge Computing

 Interclypse creates cutting edge solutions through Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing. Whether its development using COTS/GOTS solutions or creating bespoke platforms from the ground up, our team is ready for the challenge

Collaborate with Interclypse

Need a company that cares about your goals, deadlines, and budget as much as you do? Interclypse takes pride in helping our customers solve their most important objectives.

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