Interclypse sponsored a Family and Friends Board Game Night at our office to encourage community and fun through play. We invited our employees, their loved ones and friends to have a great time getting to know each other and have fun through a multitude of games and experiences. Board games help bring people together and encourage players to work together and solve problems constructively. Through either co-operative or competitive games, everyone had fun while showing off their skills by either escaping from the halls of a haunted house, mining in a dungeon to find gold, or executing a plot to take over an alternate reality Germany. While most games ended in excited shouts or hands shaken in defeat, everyone had a great time and enjoyed the company of others through shared experience.

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About Interclypse

About Interclypse

The Interclypse team is on a continuous mission to have a positive transformational impact on society, community, industry, and individuals! Our team accomplishes this mission by continuously "Doing What is Right."

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